• Monthly Community Potluck
    Date: 08/20/2022 to 08/24/2024 Time: 6:00 PM
    Every 3rd Saturday of the Month Inshallah.
    Offering Days: Saturday

  • Imam Salary - Pledge goal 45000.00

  • New Masjid Construction

Prayer Timings


  • Fajar
    03:53 AM
    03:33 AM
  • Duhar
    01:30 PM
    01:01 PM
  • Asr
    06:30 PM
    05:06 PM
  • Maghrib
    After 5 mins
    08:41 PM
  • Isha
    10:45 PM
    10:29 PM
  • Friday Khutba 1
    01:15 PM
  • Friday Prayer 1
    01:40 PM


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About Us

The Utica Masjid also known as Muslim Community Association of Mohawk Valley (MCAMV) was established in 1994 as a religious non profitable organization in the state of New York by local muslims of Mohawk Valley. It is considered one of the oldest mosque in the region. We are a multi ethnic community that adheres to the Islamic Teachings (Sunnah) of Prophet Mohamed PBUH.


Membership Benefits

  • 20%Discounts on Iqra Sunday School
  • Free card entry to masjid ( by the end of year 2023) 1 per family
  • Discounts on grave plots (25% off first year, 50% off second year and 100% covered - for whole family i.e. husband, wife and their kids 18 or younger. (A saving of more than $1000.00) - For Family and Individual memberships only
  • Free Nikah/Marriage services (A saving of $50.00)
  • Voting rights (Local residents only)
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Access to member directory where information regarding local muslim businesses and resources are listed. 
  • Discount to local businesses.
  • Access to exclusive youth activities and programs. 
  • Access to guidance for Islamic Estate Planning and Will, all our member will get discount with Paul J. Pimpinella, Esq - Utica, NY
  • Access to community resource such as dinning hall / basement, announcement, bulletin board, etc with a discounted fee. 

Membership Fees

1-Student Membership Monthly $5.00 / Yearly $ 60.00

2-Wazifa Membership Monthly $5/ Yearly $50

3-Supporting Membership Monthly $10/ Yearly $120

4-Individual Membership Monthly $20.00 / Yearly $ 200.00

5-Family Membership Monthly $25.00 / Yearly $ 300.00

6-Lifeline Membership Monthly $500.00/Yearly $6000.00


Become a Member Today by Clicking this Link


If unable to pay please contact us for limited sponsorship which might be available.

Governing Body




Executive Committee
Resident Scholar Imam Tom Facchine
Imam (Part time) Hafiz Yusuf Abdul Kadir

President Dr.Mohsin Syed
General Secretary Sis Kylie Pierce
Finance Secretary Br Kashif Qureshi 
Vice President Dr. Ashraf Elazzazi 
Vice President (Communications) Sis Hira Bakshi
Education Secretary Br Nawrose Nur
Social Secretary (men) Br Karim Sahbani / (women)Sis Ahbir Nagi


Waqf Coordinator Ersin Konkur

Women Coordinator Sis Asiyah Ad Deen Islam
Youth Coordinator girls Ahbir Nagi
Youth coordinator boys Br. Ibraheem Leggett
Media Director Br Sifet Huskic


Board of Trustees

Dr. Aamer Mirza (Chairman)
Imam Ali Kabir Monteiro
Dr. Ahmad Mian
Dr. Ziauddin Shaik
Dr. Aly Ashraf
Dr. Afsar Khan





We serve all!

MCAMV provide wide range of services as listed below. 

Our Services
Prayer Services

We provides 5 daily prayers, Jummah , Sunday school, Quran classes, and much more.

- Five daily prayers

- Weekly Jummah Prayer

- Special prayers such as Taraweeh, Etiqaf, etc

Community Services

- We provide Zakat to community members who eligible. Please contact President, Finance Secretary or Imam for further assistance. 

- We also provide Nikah services. 

- Our Imam is also available to provide guidance and assistance for any questions and concerns, including counseling and Islamic Jurisprudence. 

Janazah Services


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un (إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎, ) Is a part of a verse (2:156) from the Qur'an - Surah Baqarah which translates to "Indeed, to God we belong and to God we shall return

Step 1 : Inform any member of executive committee ( Executive Committee member will inform whole committee and seek help) , if not able to reach call either Brother Ahmad Owes 3153278568 or Brother Ibraheem Aljamal - 3156011159 or Dr. Mohsin Syed - 315 9827918 or Imam Tom 315 580 2106

Step 2 : Decide which cemetery is better for you (Commonly used cemetery for community members are following):

1. Bosnian (Muslim) Cemetery - Contact Brother Farid 315- 749-8383

2. New Forest Hill Cemetery (An area reserved for mostly muslim burial) 315-724-7447

3. West Bosnian Cemetery - Contact Brother Byro 3155275047

Step 3 : Decide which Funeral home is better cater your needs ( community funeral homes who are aware of muslim burial process are following):

1. McGrath, Mylinski, Karboski & Nunn Funeral Home 

470 French Road, Utica, NY 13502


2. Scala & Roefaro Funeral Home

1122 Culver Ave, Utica, NY 13501

315-7336443 / 315-527-6016 

3. Revels T-Gibson Funeral Services

144 Eagle St, Utica, NY 13501 

315 732-2016

4. Friedel, Williams & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services 

13 Oxford Road, New Hartford, NY 13413


Step 4 : Mosque May be able to provide Kafan or Shroud (complete set) if needed for both male and female. If able to pay suggested minimum amount is $50.00 if not able to pay mosque will bear the cost. We also have few volunteer community members who are able to assist in bathing / cleansing of dead body ( Subject to availability please inform executive members as early as possible if you need assistance)

Step 5 : Decide about Janaza Prayer / Funeral Prayer and Burial time and inform any of the executive committee member so we can inform community.

May Allah SWT forgive departing soul and grant a high place in heaven. Ameen



Program Title Program Start Date Program End Date Program Start Time Program End Time Program Fee Registration Allowed Registration Start Date Registration End Date
Community Potluck 12/18/2021 05/17/2025 6:00 PM 6:00 PM $0.00 Yes 12/18/2021 07/17/2025

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Bulletin Board

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Advertise items wanted or for sale, announce events, or provide information.


Get in touch with us

Send us an email or visit us at:

Muslim Community Association of Mohawk Valley
1631 Kemble street, NA, Utica, New York 13501, USA

Phone: (315) 982-7918
E-mail: uticamasjid@gmail.com