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          Muhammadi Masjid started with a very humble beginning with the sole purpose of establishing Allah’s deen in the community and keeping the basics tentents of Islam intact. From day one, till now we have remained adamant in fulfilling our main goal of providing a peaceful environment for ibaadat, tableegh, dars and tadrees. 


The strategy in achieving these goals may vary but the basic principles remain the same, as set forth by our elders as suggested by the Quran and Sunnah. Our elders went through many hurdles financially and ideologically but stood steadfast on their principles to provide us with a platform to further develop and continue their works. 


In 2019, the original founders of this organization formed a Masjid Management team and brought Mullana Kashif onboard to develop a new vision to keep the next generation of Muslims under the umbrella of deen. Specifically, Mirza Akram Sahab promised to provide full support to design an educational program that can cater to as many adults and children as possible. Mullana Kashif, along with the Masjid Management team and other Academic advisers designed an intensive Maktab and Hifz program for boys and girls.


For this purpose, Mufti Ubaidulla, an expert in the academic field and a director of the MISBA organization was brought on board. Along with him, he brought other advisers and trained teachers, plus tools to train new teachers. We have nearly 150 students in different programs, plus we are training young teachers from our community to run the entire educational system under the supervision of Ulma Hazrat. 


At the beginning of the formation of the new Management, we had two employees and now, Alhamdulillah, we have nearly twenty people working along with Bayan academy staff, other advisers, and vendors. 


At the start of 2019, the Masjid’d financial situation was not satisfactory. Since then, we have paid all dues, and qarz-e-hasana. We have done a lot of development and maintenance and the adjacent house was utilized to its full capacity for various purposes. During this time, we cut the expenses of the Masjid by nearly 70% by negotiating with utilities companies, insurance companies, other services providers, and vendors. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, by the grace of Allah, the Masjid is in a much better condition now than it was for the last two years. 


We have engaged the talent in our community and organized an IT team, volunteer groups, and an additional team of youngsters to be trained for different aspects of Masjid work. In the future, we are planning to accommodate more kids and add more services, such as the renewal of Janazah services and different counseling services. 


The property at 704 Doblin Street is conveniently located and will help us expand our services in many ways. We humbly request you all to participate full-heartedly and pray for us to remain on our objective. 


We are in the process of learning and improvising while we move forward. Undoubtedly, there is still work for us to do and we are eager to rise up to the challenge. And of course, none of these improvements would have been possible without the grace of Allah, and your generous and continued support 


JazakAllah Khair,


Muhammadi Masjid Management

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