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Annual Fundraising

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Muhammadi Masjid Annual Fundraising

Muhammadi Masjid Annual Fundraising 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Muhammadi Masjid serves as one of the essential central Muslim hubs of New York. We are a thriving and ever-growing community that has to be nurtured and served in a well-designed and thoughtful manner in order to succeed.

To provide these essential services our Masjid collects donations every Friday, and receives some monthly donation tuition fees. Despite this, we still have a deficit of nearly 150k yearly

which we are usually able to raise in our Annual Fundraising every Ramadan. This year we will also request all community members to commit to a monthly donation and student sponsorship.

Along with the Main Masjid building, we have two more facilities that we have to maintain, plus we have numerous staff members and private contractors to make all Masjid programs possible,

along with a dedicated group of volunteers. Our goal is to establish Allah's deen by providing a spiritually motivated, peaceful, environment for Ibaadat, Dawah, Darsh, Tableeg, etc. We strive to provide Islamic education through a variety of well-designed programs for adults, youth, and children alike, such as: 

  • Boys and Girls Hifz school with online academy program
  • Boys and Girls after School Maktab
  • Adults weekly and weekend classes
  • Muallim/teachers training programs where youth are trained to become mentors/teachers and
  • their skills are evaluated and updated accordingly by continuous training regiments
  • Boys & Girls Weekend Maktab will start soon.
  • We are always looking to increase programs for the benefit of the community. In the near future
  • we are looking into the following programs:
  • Opening an Islamic primary school
  • Forming a full-fledged Alim/Alima academy
  • Reopening of Janaza Service

We are requesting you be part of these efforts morally and financially.

Please join us at Isha Salah on April 15, Saturday night for our Annual Fundraising as well as on

Monday, April for Madrasa & Maktab sponsorship drive.

JazakAllah Khair

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