Fusion Community Center of NJ

Fusion Community Center of NJ

Fusion Financial Sustainability Campaign

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62% of $20,000 goal

80Recurring Contributors

$12,403 of $20,000

Earn Sadaqa Jariyah by supporting your Islamic Center

Asalaam Alai Kum,

Covid has impacted a lot of organizations and limited their activities, reducing the overall cash flow. Alhamdulillah, even with these challenges Fusion was able to make major capitol improvements, inside and outside. We now have new bathrooms and a new Musallah. Without these major improvements, Fusion couldn't provide clean and sanitary services, especially during Ramadan. Thank you for your support in helping us achieve this goal.

In addition to these major capitol improvement costs, Fusion still has monthly expenses. Currently, Fusion has a monthly mortgage of ~$15,000 and close to $5000 in other monthly expenses. Your small monthly contribution can make a big difference in helping Fusion continue to serve the community with the various programs by meeting its monthly financial goals. Please support Fusion with your sadaqa jariyah by making a monthly contribution of any amount you are comfortable with (suggested contribution: $100-$200/month). 

May Allah reward you and your family for continuing to support Fusion and for making a monthly contribution. Fusion still plans to upgrade the facilities further with additional improvements around the Islamic Center in addition to paying down the debt. Please reach out to the management team, if you are interested in volunteering at Fusion

Jazaka'Allah Khair for your Sadaqa Jariyah. 


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