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Category Description
MCWS General Donation Fund for MCWS Operation
MCWS Masjid - Donation MCWS Facility Up Keep
Medina Activity Center - Donation General donations to support MAC building
Masjid Membership Recurring or Onetime Payment towards MCWS Membership (Single/Family: $120/$240)
Zakat-ul-Maal - Compulsory Charity Annual Zakat to distribute to Zakat Eligible Organizations and Individuals
Medina Activity Center --100 at 100 Campaign-- Recurring Donation to Sustain MAC Operation
MAC Office Lease Payment towards Monthly Lease for MAC Offices
MAC Banquet Hall Rental Payment Towards Rental of MAC Hall or Room
Sadaqah Charity Donation to give to Needy including Charitable organizations.
Advertisement dues Payment for Advertsement through MCWS Platforms (Newsletter/Website/etc.)
MAC Workspace Rental MAC Workspace Rental
MCWS COVID-19 FUND For Relief Effort and As Needed
Zakat al-Fitr - Fitrah Charity given before Eid-ul-Fitr to distribute to needy ($10/Person)
Seminar and Educational Programs Support MCWS towards bringing Quality Programs and Seminars
Newsletter Sponsorship Sponsor Cost towards publishing/mailing of MCWS Newsletter
Youth Programs Support Cost towards Youth Programs, Events and Space