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Masjid Bilal Canton Phase 2: Parking Lot Construction

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Alhamdulillah, Phase 1 work of sanitary sewer addition to Masjid and Imam’s house has been completed with the help of Allah (swt) and your generous donations. The Masjid needs to expand the parking lot to meet growing demands of the community and future building expansion (Phase 3).

Inshall’Allah these expenses are not difficult to meet if the community works together to fulfill them.  By pledging $600,000 total from the community, we will be able to meet these estimated costs for Phase 2 construction. 

Phase 2 Parking Lot Addition Specifics: 

• 284 additional parking spots

• Additional 2 lane road, North of Imam's house

• Additional parking will satisfy future 28,000 sqft building addition in Phase 3, including new women’s prayer area, a banquet hall, and two basketball courts


We need 284 households to donate $2300 for the project.


Please continue to support your Masjid with your participation and consider donating generously. This is a lifetime opportunity which will receive us  Sadaqa-e-Jaaria,  benefiting us in this life and hereafter Inshaa'Allah. May Allah reward you and your families for your generosity. Ameen.


Please spread the word, share this compaign link and keep our community in your dua. Thank you for always supporting Masjid Bilal Canton.


JazakumAllahu Khair.

Masjid Bilal Canton


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