Islamic Society of Wichita

Islamic Society of Wichita

ISW and AIS projects 2021-2022

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12% of $150,000 goal



3 Weeks
$17,520 of $150,000

ISW and AIS projects 2021-2022

 Assalamu Alikum,

The Islamic Society of Wichita and Annoor Islamic School is made possible by the Grace of Allah swt and with the support of our sustainers, the individuals and families who dedicate financial support to continue the work of building and growing this unique Muslim community. Join us today and help support Muslims in Wichita for years to come! 

Your contribution today directly benefits: 

  • Masjid cleanliness, maintenance, and renovations
  • Dawah library and Learning Center
  • Accessible Islamic needs
    • Being open for the Five daily prayers, two jummah prayers weekly, daily taraweeh prayers, and Eid prayers
    • Matrimonial services
    • Burial services and available cemetery grounds for Muslims
    • New-comers & refugee support services not limited to helping with language, job search processes, obtaining driver licenses and more
  • Programming for our community youth, our women, and our reverts
  • Additional support for the full-time Annoor Islamic School that prepare our young ones to be leaders of the righteous and committed, balanced Muslims

The 2021-22 project renovations include: 

  1. Repairing and resurfacing the entire parking lot
  2. Installation of 8 ft privacy fence
  3. Installation of second basketball hoop to complete the court for our youth
  4. Replace west-side doors and install automatic door opens for easy wheel chair accessibility
  5. New shoe racks, benches, and pathways between prayer areas and gym
  6. Patch up and repaint prayer areas
  7. Proceed to phase 2 of Annoor Islamic School Playground Project
  8. Improve drainage issues

Reported by Ibn Abbas, Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the most generous of men and he was the most generous during the month of Ramadan. Let’s follow the sunnah of RasulAllah SAW. He has been granted Jannah (paradise) and still was generous. How about us? 

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