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Assalamu-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters

Islamic Foundation has been serving the community for the last 44 years.  We have been conducting five daily prayers, Friday prayers, weekend schools, Hifz programs, senior programs and other services for the community.   In spite of the Covid-19 virus situation, for your spiritual experience  we have re-opened Islamic Foundation Mosque for  Five Daily and Jumma prayers at a reduced capacity (Per State of IL & CDC Guidelines).  In order to provide a clean and sanitized environment, we have to clean and disinfect the facilities after every Prayer session.   In order to support the above mentioned activities, Islamic Foundation Mosque need to open all 7 days of the week, and it costs funds to operate. 

As you are all aware, Islamic Foundation runs from your generous donations and contributions.  Our annual operating expenses for Islamic Foundation Mosque is $ 800,000 ($ 66,666 a month) and covers expenses such as payroll, utilities, cleaning & sanitizing, security, and maintenance.  Due to the Covid-19 virus situation, donations are down and we humbly request you all to donate  generously (recurring or one-time) to Islamic Foundation.  May Allah Bless you all with rewards in this life and here-after. 

Jazakallah Khair!


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