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Islamic Foundation

Ramdan 2021/1442 Virtual Fundraiser

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3% of $500,000 goal


$16,917 of $500,000

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Assalamu-Alaikum Brothers & Sisters

Islamic Foundation has been serving the community for the last 45 years.  We have been conducting five daily prayers, Friday prayers, weekend schools, Hifz programs, senior programs and other services for the community.  As you are all aware due to the Pandemic we had suspended all events and activities and have resumed most of the activities including Five Daily Prayers, Jummah Prayers, Full Time School, and Weekend Schools (Virtually) . Inshallah this Ramadan we will have Tarawih Prayers.  Due to CDC guidelines we are operating at limited capacity.  We are strictly following CDC safety guidelines in operating the Masjid and Schools.  We sanitize and clean the Masjid prayer halls after every Salah for your health and safety.  All these need funds and  you are aware, Islamic Foundation thrives on funds from your generous donations and contributions, we humbly request you to please donate for the Islamic Foundation during these challenging times so that we can continue to maintain the facilities and provide the sanitization and safety during this Pandemic.    Please donate generously to your Islamic Foundation and may Allah protect you and grant you Hasana. Each of us can RIGHT NOW give, make duaa, and share to 100 people. Let's all be a part of something great and be the beneficiary of the mercy of Allah, together we are resilient. May Allah guide us all to that which is best. 

Jazakallah Khair!

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