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DarusSalam Foundation

Support Students of Knowledge at DarusSalam Seminary through Zakat!

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50% of $600,000 goal



6 Months
$300,086 of $600,000


The Prophet (saw) said: Protect your wealth by [discharging] zakat, treat your ill by giving sadaqah and prepare for calamity in advance by engaging in du’a.’ (Al-Mu'jam al-Awsat)

As-Salam 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

DarusSalam Seminary preserves, implements, and disseminates Islamic knowledge in America by nurturing and preparing our future leaders through sound, traditional understanding and learning.

With a current student body of approximately 150 full-time students, hailing from over 26 states, DarusSalam Seminary is committed to providing quality education.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many families will be unable to pay for their child's Islamic education. We urgently need to raise scholarships for 70 students to pay for their tuition ($8,000/year), housing ($3,600/year) , food ($3,300/year), and books, so that they can continue to study!

Please choose your level of support to help Islamic Scholarship thrive in America! 

▪️Guardian of Islamic Knowledge - $8,000

▪️Sustainer of Islamic Knowledge - $4,000

▪️Supporter of Islamic Knowledge  - $2,000

Donate via:

▪️ QuickPay/Zelle your Zakat at zakat@masjidds.org

▪️ Credit Card and ACH Check Withdrawal www.masjidds.org/give

Don't delay! Our students are counting on your support.  Your donations are Zakat-eligible.

Your Zakat donation will only be used for poor, indigent students of sacred knowledge and individuals who are eligible for Zakat. Not only will you discharge your fardh obligation of zakat, you will additionally receive the reward for sponsoring Islamic scholarship in America during this time of corruption and mass ignorance.

We do NOT use Zakat funds for the acquisition, renovation, or maintenance of our physical infrastructure, salaries, or administrative expenses, or other non-eligible expenses. We take this responsibility seriously as we are answerable in front of Allah SWT.

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