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As-Salam 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

Masjid DarusSalam's doors are closed for prayers but we are still functioning at full capacity:

1. All Alim, Hifz, Quran, Tafhim, & Sunday School classes are taking place ONLINE - hundreds of students are still studying.
2. We are Livestreaming Programs EVERY DAY - thousands are benefiting each week!
3. Construction of the National Seminary Campus is continuing and nearing completion.
4. We are actively answering your Islamic Questions daily.

Please DO NOT hold your donations & sadaqa for the month of Ramadan - it is more rewarding at the time of need Insha Allah, and we need your support NOW more than ever.

Please help us pay our bills, staff salaries, and other expenses that keep mounting up. - Alhamdullilah no staff has been laid off - approximately 55 full-time and part-time scholars and teachers are still working!

▪️QuickPay/Zelle your Sadaqa at sadaqa@masjidds.org
▪️QuickPay/Zelle your Donations at donate@masjidds.org
▪️QuickPay/Zelle your Zakat at zakat@masjidds.org
▪️Credit card/Check payment by ACH donations can be made at www.MasjidDS.org/donatenow

Please spread the word and encourage everyone in your family and friend’s circle, Jazakallah Khair.

Masjid DarusSalam/DarusSalam Seminary Administration.

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