Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago

Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago

Sponsor An Afghan Refugee Resettlement

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Resettling Afghan Refugees in Chicago

Afghans refugees to be resettled in the Chicago area is beyond the capacity of local resettlement agencies. CIOGC has been entrusted with resettling 100 individuals and refugee families from Afghan.  They are arriving in Chicago from February 1 to February 15.  These refugees are: 

· Families who were forced to leave their personal belongings.

· Women who are pregnant and in need of special pre-natal care.

· Elders who need treatment, Adults, and children.

· Families and single persons who do not have any resources to meet ordinary household expenses, like rent, food, clothing, utilities, phone, transportation, education, and skills training to get jobs.

The United States Government is asking us to help.

To support Afghan refugees, CIOGC will assist 100 Afghan refugees for resettlement in the Chicago area. These individuals will need financial support for housing, furnishing of the housing, food, medical care, and customary expenses for households in Chicago.

The estimated monthly cost to support one refugee is $1,700.

Below please find the link to sponsor one or more Afghans.

Thank you for your help. JAK

There is a severe need for housing, clothing, furnishing, transportation, healthcare, and processing of the documents for the arriving families. An immediate solution is required.

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