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  • Quran

  • A laisa ALLAH b Kafen Abdah

  • Iqraa

  • Astaghfer Allah

Prayer Timings


  • Fajar
    03:39 AM
    03:34 AM
  • Duhar
    12:58 PM
    12:53 PM
  • Asr
    06:15 PM
    06:10 PM
  • Maghrib
    8:34 PM
    8:29 PM
  • Isha
    10:17 PM
    10:12 PM
  • Khutba
    01:00 PM
  • Salat
    01:30 PM
  • Tarweeh
    10:30 PM
  • Eid-ul-Fitr Takbeer
    08:00 AM



Our Mission

We want Muslims in America to find a space to pray, educate more about their religion, and to find the religiuos counsleling for any thing they are facing, and even for their daily issues they are facing.


How do we please Allah SubhanahuwaTa'ala? How do we organize ourselves? What priorities do we set? What actions do we engage in so that Allah will bless us with His mercy and grace and bless us with  in this life and the hereafter? CIC has a long history of Islamic work, and it has endeavored to seek the pleasure of Allah. With the passage of time, however, it is essential to refresh our outlook, and re-think and re-state our identity and direction. This mission statement presented here may, therefore, not quite reflect our reality today. The purpose of the statement is to enunciate CIC’s vision, to refine CIC’s identity and character, its direction and goals. Above all we need to challenge and commit ourselves in order to make this vision a vivid reality in our life and in the life of those around us.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our vision is the establishment of a vibrant Islamic center that caters to the religious, educational, social and other needs of the Muslim communities in the Chicagoland region.

The Masjed

Imam Sh. Mohammad El emam



Daily: Lecture after Salat Al-Isha
Saturday:: Brief talk after Salat Al-Fajr
Weekly: Lecture for siste
 Seminars and lectures on special ocasions

Monthly Meeting



Counseling : counciling marreied couples

Indeed,  the  Muslim men  and  Muslim women, the  believing  men  and  believing  women, the obedient  men  and obedient women,  the truthful  men  and  truthful  women, the patient  men and  patient women,  the  humble  men  and  humble women, the  charitable men and  charitable women,  the  fasting  men  and  fasting women,  the  men  who guard their private  parts  and  the  women  who  do  so, and  the  men who remember Allah often and  the women who do so - for them Allah has prepared  forgiveness  and  a  great  reward.
It  is  not  for  a  believing  man  or a  believing  woman,  when Allah and  His  Messenger  have decided  a  matter, that  they  should  [thereafter]  have  any  choice  about  their  affair.  And whoever  disobeys Allah and  His  Messenger  has  certainly  strayed  into  clear  error.
Organizing educational classes and lectures and awareness programs to educate and address social needs.
Organizing health seminars and free clinics to help the uninsured, Muslims and non-Muslims.

Imam preperations program thruw the Azhar in Egypt

Organizing, networking and creating programs with other social organizations to better serve the larger community,



The Chicago Islamic Center provides a comprehensive weekend educational system for children


The main service provided is Salat. There are separate prayer halls for men & women with separate wudhu (ablution) areas. CIC is a full time Masjed that conducts the five daily prayers and other congregations as listed below. CIC also provides additional services for the benefit of the community.

Our Services
Masjed Activities


The Masjed collects and disburses Zakat and Sadaqah to the needy on a regular basis.



Salatul Taraweeh is conducted throughout Ramadan. The Masjed also hosts iftar throughout Ramadan and is open for I'tekaf.



Sunday School

Alif Laam Meem Academy

This academy is under Noor Al-Islam school managment.

For more information call Amena Ramahi (708)785-1694 Or (708)598-5018

Location: Al-Nahda

10555 Southwest Highway 

Worth, IL



Our Programs

Adult's Islamic Education


Weekly Lesson on Tuesday 

With Al Shekh Mohammad El-Emam



The Community Monthly Gathering 

Meet & Greet for men and women



Children's Islamic Education

Alif Laam Meem Academy

Subjects: Quran-Kareem  Islamic Studies  Arabic Language

This academy is under Noor Al-Islam school managment.

Registration fee $80 per child Sundays only $60 per child or $55 for each sibling

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Girls Sges 4-15 year

Boys Ages 4-15 year

أكادمية ألف لام ميم

المواضيع الدراسية: القران الكريم - التربية الأسلامية- اللغة العربية

رسوم التسجيل $80

القسط على الطالب الواحد $60

على الأخوة $55

من الساعة 10:00 صباحا الى 3:00 ظهرا

الأعمار للبنات من 4 الى 15

الأعمار للبنين من 4 الى 15 


Special Events

1) Ramadan Camp

Alnahda center announces registration for Ramadan Camp. Instilling the love for the holy month in an educational & fun way.05-30-17 to 06-22-2017

Fees: $100

2) Alnahda Summer Camp:

Ages: 4 years to 12 years, boys & girls  $180/child

Tuesdays- Wednsdays- Thursdays

July 5/2017 to July 27/2017

Quran. Islamic Studies, Stories, Crafts . Activities. Field Trips . And so much more.

For more information please call (773)964-2263 

Program title Program Start Date Program End Date Program Start Time Program End Time Program Fee Registration Allowed Registration Start Date Registration End Date


Get in touch with us

Send us an email or visit us at:

Chicago Islamic Center
3357 W. 63rd st, Chicago, Illinois 60629, USA

Phone: (773) 436-8083
E-mail: info@chi-ic.org