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Noor Islamic Cultural Center - American Islamic Waqf

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2024 Eid ul-Adha Henna Artist Registration


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8:00 PM

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By registering , you acknowledge that you will follow all the instructions provided to you by the Masjid for your and other community member's safety Asalamulaikum Artists, Inshallah this Ramadan we have our Henna Bazaar(In NICC Basement) planned on Monday, April 8th From 11:00am to 7:00pm sharp inshallah! This is your spot so feel free to set up as you please to show your art options. Please make sure to clean up your table and wrap up by 7:00pm. As the Masjid will have Taraweeh in the basment as well. Hope to have a colorful day!! Some rules to be followed - - [ ] Payment should be made per vendor. - [ ] Any violation of the contract will result in the vendors contract being voided immediately and will be asked to leave(with no refund). - [ ] Last day for vendor registration is April 16th @12:00am - [ ] Artist pls make sure you bring in and apply quality Henna. - [ ] Please ask your client if they have any skin sensitivity to products. - [ ] *BLACK HENNA CANNOT BE USED* - [ ] Absolutely *NO* use of Black Hair Dye at the Henna Bazaar! - [ ] And sign the consent form for liability reason. *** If you any questions, Pls let me know Jazakllah