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Al Falah Center Masjid Fundraiser

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Al Falah Center Masjid Fundraiser

Asalam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Falah = Success. 

And ‘true’ success in this dunya means seeking the pleasure of Allah swt, while dutifully performing our responsibilities as Muslims. 

As a groundbreaking community-based project, the Al Falah Center aspires to enable Muslims of the Bridgewater, NJ community to  Centralize, Collaborate and Connect with their faith and integrate in American society - while upholding the true values of Islam!


Our story began 20 years ago when a group of community members from the area were looking to establish an Islamic center. 

Throughout our journey, we faced opposition by the Bridgewater Township and hundreds of people who protested us daring to turn the Al Falah dream into reality. 

Having crossed countless obstacles through our unwavering faith and belief in Allah swt’s mercy, and our unrelenting passion to establish a religious center of worship for the Muslim community, we won a historical legal settlement. 


The settlement represented a significant milestone in the history of Al Falah Center’s goal to build the first mosque in Bridgewater Township. 

It proved that righteousness, truth, perseverance and faith in God can never remain voiceless no matter how insurmountable the odds may be. 

Al Falah aspires to not merely operate as a center fulfilling the religious needs of Muslims in the community, but also:

  • Ensuring their successful integration into American Society by embedding values that enable Muslims of America to operate as strong and effective contributory elements of society
  • Enabling Muslims to increase their knowledge, practice and appreciation of Islam
  • Providing resources to those who want to learn about the Islamic faith
  • Dispelling misconceptions / misunderstandings about Islam that cloud the truth
  • Facilitating Islamic cultural and social value systems for the Muslim community
  • Encouraging Muslims to become active, productive and responsible members of American society, while at the same time proudly upholding and practicing their identity and faith as Muslims
  • Supporting both Muslims and Non-Muslims in the community in need of support, help and resources / tools for daily life and progress on various levels
  • Coordinating and organizing interfaith dialogue through encouragement and support of various faith groups
  • Actively partaking in community outreach and social support programs / events and initiatives that help the needy and poor in our community

We are now at the very last stages of realizing our long cherished dream of building an all-encompassing religious hub, a community-based center Islamic center for the community. 

With the Al Falah Center, we truly believe that a mosque is the nucleus of any muslim community; operating not just as a house of worship but also as a catalyst for social change, community integration, youth development, collective progress and so much more! 

Let’s collectively ‘recognize’ the importance of time as Muslims and as members of our community. 

Let’s push forward and make this dream into a reality we’ve all longed for so long now. 

Donate any amount of funds you can, for the pleasure of Allah swt and with the intention of contributing towards a cause that will benefit you, your children and all of us as an Ummah in this dunya, and the hereafter. Insha Allah! 


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