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Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti Phase 2: Parking Lot Construction

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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahe Wa Barakatuhu,


With the help of Allah Subhanuhu Wa Ta'aala and cooperation of the generous community we were able to  complete  Phase 1 of the Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti Masjid Construction project. Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti is requesting for the financial support from the community to generate the funds required to start the Phase 2 Construction Parking Lot Expansion.


Phase 2 will provide the following at an estimated cost of 550000:

(1) 91 parking spots 

(2) Deceleration Lane on westbound Michigan Ave

(3) Fulfill the per-requisite for Phase 3 future building which includes, Men's & Women Prayer Hall expansion, Gymnasium and Banquet hall.


We need 91 households donating 3600 for the project.


Please continue to support your local Masjid. With your participation and considerate donation this could be a golden opportunity for  Sadaqa-e-Jaaria, which will keep benefiting the generous donor in this life and hereafter Inshaa'Allah! May Allah (SWT) reward you and your families for your generosity. Ameen.


Please spread the word, share the flyer/donate link and keep our community in your dua. Thank you for always supporting Masjid Bilal.


JazakumAllahu Khair.

Masjid Bilal Ypsilant

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