The Islamic Cultural Institute

The Islamic Cultural Institute

2024 Ramadan Fundraising

Organized By:The Islamic Cultural Institute

Ramadan Blessings: Supporting The House of Allah

With Ramadan's arrival, our spirits soar as we anticipate the blessings it brings. At the ICI, our doors remain open year-round, welcoming all who seek solace, guidance, and community. Yet, to sustain our services throughout the year, we rely on your generous support through fundraising efforts.

The ICI Masjid stands tall as a pillar of our community, offering a sanctuary for prayer, reflection, education for our kids and connection. We recognize the importance of ongoing financial support to uphold our commitment to serve. Each year, we turn to you, our community, to ensure our doors remain open and our programs thrive.

As Ramadan's light shines upon us, let's unite to sustain the spirit of the ICI. Your donation during this blessed month will ensure that we continue to serve our community with unwavering dedication throughout the year. Together, let's uphold the legacy of the ICI and nurture the bonds that strengthen our community.

May Allah SWT reward you immensely for your contributions. Jazakum Allah Khair!

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