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Islamic Society of Greater Lansing

Cemetery Plots Purchase

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We begin in the name of Allah, praying and pleading for His mercy upon us, upon our beloved community here in Greater Lansing, and upon humanity at large as we cope with the pandemic.

At the same time, we submit to the will of Allah and accept what he has predestined for us. And that means, when death befalls one of us, we feel sad and at a loss, but promptly acknowledge — from Allah we come, and unto Him we return.  

In the COVID-19 era we are living in, all of us need to be prepared for unforeseen scenarios. As a community we need to make sure we care for the less fortunate among us. We need to make sure we acquire enough burial plots in the Muslim Section of the cemetery for burying our loved ones. 

We are thus launching a campaign to acquire 100 burial plots at the Evergreen Cemetery. Each of these spots costs $1,375 and the price is set to go up in June, 2020.

When a Muslim passes away in the community, this cost is not passed on to the family of the deceased. This is made possible by donors who help us acquire these plots ahead of time. 

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