Tawheed Center

Tawheed Center

Annual Ramadan Fundraising Dinner

Organized By:Tawheed Center


49% of $165,000 goal


10Recurring Contributors


3Recurring Pledgers

$81,106 of $165,000

Ramadan Fundraising Dinner

This Ramadan, show Allah your generosity and prove your worthiness of Magfirah and Jannah. This house of Allah needs your support to not only maintain its viability as a Masjid, but also for all the community and educational programs that branch from here. With the help of Allah and with your support we have been able to sustain this Masjid without any implications on our community benefit programs. We want to further this and launch more programs including taking care of our elderly in the community. We have expansive and inclusive plans for this but we do need significant support from the provision that Allah has provided you. We hope that you will help us reach this goal for the betterment of the entire community and generations to come.

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