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Annual Hifz Fund raising Dinner

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Annual Hifz Fund raising Dinner

Tawheed Center’s Hifz School is a rigorous program in which students memorize the Holy Quran in an average of three to four years. Experienced teachers are appointed to not only help students concentrate on memorization of the Holy Quran, but to also build and develop good character. Our Hifz classes are five and half hours Monday through Friday and three hours on Saturdays. During this time, students memorize new lessons while also reviewing their previously memorized ajzaa. Along with their Quranic studies, Tawheed Center wishes that our students succeed in their secular studies as well. Students are given several hours a day at school (along with work that they complete at home) to focus on their academics.

This program depends significantly on donations from the community members to survive and the Tawheed Center community has so far supported this program year after year for the past 16+ years. We hope that you'll continue to support this program this year as well. May Allah subhana-wa-ta-'aala bless you and your family and fill your heart with his Noor.

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