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2023 ARS Fundraiser - Building Resilient Leaders

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Building Resilient Leaders

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

Save the date! Saturday, January 28th 2023

Join us for the Al-Rahmah School Benefit dinner at 5:30pm

The Al Rahmah School exists today because of an amazing legacy of preservation and propagation. You and I are connected to one another through Brotherhood and Sisterhood because of that same legacy. Our love for our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ continues to grow because of that same legacy. The Al Rahmah School and Nursery team members work hard every day to pass on that same love for our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to our next generation. 

It is truly a blessing from Allah ﷻ that we have been chosen to be a part of shaping and building the future of our Ummah. It is our responsibility to maintain this humble effort of Deen, and its continuity.

Please donate with an open heart to build our future by investing in our Future Leaders.

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