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Islamic Society of Baltimore

2022 AQA Fundraiser - Preserving Islam for the Next Generation

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Assalamu Alaikum.

This is no accident. This is actually part of Allahs decree.

The fact that you are on this page right now… reading this message… means that you are someone who sees potential, who sees opportunity, and who sees something great in the works. 

You are someone who in the past few weeks have been inspired by witnessing with your own eyes the # of lives impacted daily at ISB as a part of the Quran Academy.  Or maybe… you are someone who attended a Khutbah and heard about all the amazing ways the Quran Academy is developing children to live a life filled with the influence of the Quran around them.  Or maybe… you got a letter in the mail, a flier in your hand, an email you read, or a friend who shared with you the good news of what’s going on at ISB. 

We actually aren’t sure what exactly it was that made you come to this page today… but one thing is certain – We are sure we know Why.   

The fact that YOU are here means that Allah (swt) has blessed YOU, has chosen YOU, and wants YOU to be part of something great! 

Over 20 years ago, the Alrahmah Quran Academy was started and to date – more than 250 students have completed the memorization of the Quran by heart.  To be honest – we lost count on the exact number and alhamdulillah every year, that number just keeps increasing. 

For over 50 Years – ISB has been facilitating the propagation of Islam here in America. 1000’s of students young and old have come to ISB to get foundations in their faith and have gone on to become professionals, parents, Imams, teachers, doctors, and model citizens in society.

Alhamdulillah - This was made possible because of people like YOU.  

YOU are here today – because YOU want to ensure this good work will continue 50 years from now. 

YOU are thankful that Allah has blessed us with a chance to continue that, Legacy.

YOU are humbled that Allah has allowed us to give for his sake... and know that tomorrow is not promised.  Alhamdulillah

So Today...  Let’s give to the Al Rahmah Quran Academy and do our part to preserve the Legacy of Islam in America. Let’s give to preserve the Quran in the hearts of our community. Lets give to show our thanks to Allah for being Muslim and a part of the Beautiful Legacy.

We pray Allah reward you for your sacrifices and make heavy on your scales the good deeds that you do. 


And Thank You

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