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2021 AQA Fundraiser - Preserving Our Legacy

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Preserving Our Legacy

Assalamu Alaikum.

Before you read any further... Stop for a moment and say Alhamdulillah.

Now read on.

Nearly 2 years ago, Masajid all around the world had to close their doors due to COVID19

For nearly 2 years the thought of visiting the Kaabah for Umrah or Hajj was only a dream because even the Kaabah was closed to the public.

For nearly 2 years - we couldn't stand shoulder to shoulder foot to foot or see the smile of our Brothers or Sisters because they had to wear masks while greeting one another.

Nearly 2 years ago, we had just started our Phase III Construction Project and we as a community weren't sure how we would raise the funds to finish it.

For nearly 2 years - we couldn't have in person events at our Masjid.

For nearly 2 years - we couldn't use a Mushaf in the Musallah to read the Quran.


Now... Say Alhamdulillah again - but this time reflecting on where we are at today.


Today - Al Rahmah School is back in person and no longer virtual.

Today - The Musallah is back open again.

Today - We can stand next to one another in Salah

Today - We are having food again from the Al Rahmah Cafe

Today - Our Phase III Project is 95% complete and the building looks amazing.

Today - Our Hifz Room is open and nearly 100 students are learning the Quran there daily.

Today - We are sitting next to one another for the first in person fundraising event at ISB in over 2 years.

Today – ISB witnesses a New Muslim coming to Islam on a weekly basis.

Today – ISB has produced over 200 Hufadh of the Quran and 1000’s of students who went on to become professionals, parents, Imams, teachers, doctors, and more

Today – Those same students carry the message of Islam in all aspects of their life and are a part of a 1,400+ year legacy.

Today - Allah has blessed us with a chance to continue that Legacy.

Today - Allah has allowed us to give for his sake... and we know that tomorrow is not promised.

So Today...  Let’s give to the Al Rahmah Quran Academy and do our part to preserve the Legacy of Islam in America. Let’s give to preserve the Quran in the hearts of our community. Lets give to show our thanks to Allah for being Muslim and a part of the Beautiful Legacy.


Again... Say Alhamdulillah


We pray Allah reward you for your sacrifices and make heavy on your scales the good deeds that you do.  Ameen.  And Thank you

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