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AIC Friday Donations

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AIC Friday Donations

Assalamualaikum Dear Community Members,


May Allah SWT protect everyone from this pandemic. Allah SWT says in the holy Quran:

وَاسْتَعِينُوا بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلَاةِ وَإِنَّهَا لَكَبِيرَةٌ إِلَّا عَلَى الْخَاشِعِينَ

"Seek Allah's help with patient perseverance and prayer. It is indeed hard except for those who are humble."  

(Al-Baqarah 2:45)


AIC relies upon its Friday and annual donations to cover its monthly expenses, ranging from masjid's rent, utility bills and Imam's salary. Due to the current pandemic, we have seen significant drop in our Friday donations. AIC needs community members like you to continue its Friday donations to help support this masjid. 

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.” 

(Sahih Al-Bukhari 439, Sahih Muslim 533)


Please setup your recurring monthly payment for Friday donation to continue supporting this masjid.


Stay safe and May Allah SWT protect us all.

Jazak Allahu Khair

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