Islamic Center of Kansas

Islamic Center of Kansas

ICK Operations vFR Ramadan 2020

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68% of $50,000 goal



$34,035 of $50,000

Your Masjid Still Needs Help

Assalamu Alaikum
We pray for your safety and every one in your care. We hope this will shed a great deal of hope and trust in Allah swt that HE only bring what is good and specially for the believers, no matter how it appears.

Even though our Masajid are closed, the barakah of Ramadan and the infinite wealth of Allah swt does not decrease. Even though our Masajid are closed, they still need our support so we can continue to maintain our buildiings, continue to serve the community with online programs and start preparing for reopening very soon InshAllah

In this month of Ramadan, do not hesitate to share the greatness of Ramadan, and take advantage of the unlimited potential of gaining Allah's pleasure. Please support your Masjid - ICK.

Upcoming expenses:

Urgent need to repair/maintain the exterior of the building

Replacement of the current HVAC system


JazakAllah Khairan

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