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Ramadan Campaign

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14% of $120,000 goal



1 Year
$17,249 of $120,000

Masjid for them, House in Jannah for you

Assalamo Alaykoum


Dear brothers and sisters,

The board members of the Chicago Mosque Thank you for everything you do to support Allah’s house.  The past year has been eventful and Allhamdu Allah, we have accomplished so much because of your financial support.

It is the time of the year when our brothers and sisters of Islam renew their commitment to help fund and support the house of Allah. This time, we are in much need as Chicago Mosque has been closed  since March 15th due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We have lost Friday donations and daily small donations that comes from our brothers and sisters in Isalam. May Allah SWT make it easy for all of us.

We are knocking on your door to help us cover the Masjid’sannual operating expenses.

Your rewards inchaALLAH are countless; for every prayer or Duaa to ALLAH Almighty or any deeds meant for ALLAH Almighty through this Mosque your shares and contributions to making it happen are indeed never to be forgotten. May ALLAH Almighty bless you and reward you for your sincere faith and true conviction and belief in his greatness.

Please do not miss the opportunity of being part of Allah’s plan!


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7 minutes ago
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3 days ago
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2 weeks ago
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3 months ago
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6 months ago

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mouloud lekbiri $500
11 months ago
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11 months ago
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11 months ago

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