Masjid Omar bin Abdul Aziz

Masjid Omar bin Abdul Aziz

Fundraiser for New Basketball Hoop and Gym Floor Maintenance

Organized By:Masjid Omar bin Abdul Aziz


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$12,000 of $12,000

Empowering youth for a bright future.

Assalamu Alaikum dear youth and community members,

A few months ago, a group of Masjid Omar youth raised $2,500.00 through GoFundMe hoping that this amount will be enough to install a brand new hoop and repolish the gym floor. We later found out that the new hoop (professional) itself will cost a minimum of $9,000.00 plus $3,000.00 for the floor. We need our youth and their parents to help us raise $12,000.00. Due to an error $2500.00 amount has been reimbursed back to the donors.  May Allah reward you immensely!

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