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Yaseen Burlingame Center Fundraiser

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9% of $150,000 goal


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Yaseen Needs You


Where do you dream of spending time with friends & family? 
Finding a moment of peace and serenity with your Lord?
Grabbing a coffee with an old colleague? 
Rekindling your connection with Allah?
Learning a new skill?
Meeting new people? 

How about where you imagine getting married? Or raising your kids?

These are the dreams of every Muslim community. Now imagine a place where all of this not only possible, but already happening. 
A ground-breaking facility with a space for everyone to celebrate the joys of life.

The Yaseen Burlingame Center is a Peninsula community dream in the making. 

This $12M project began 7 years ago with the purchase of the center. 

It was far from perfect as the place for the immense needs it was to serve. Since then, we've spent millions to improve it, slowly shaping it around the community rather than asking the community to shape itself to the center. 


Now we're in the final lap. Only $300,000 away from completion.

Will you help us complete this dream?


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