Islamic Center of South Bay

Islamic Center of South Bay

ICSB Virtual Fundraiser Ramadan 2021

Organized By:Islamic Center of South Bay


2% of $450,000 goal



$6,800 of $450,000

ICSB Virtual Fundraiser Ramadan 2021

Dear Muslim Community 

As we end the month of Ramadan 2021, let us reflect on the other components of our Islamic responsibilities. These include the act of charity in maintaining and advancing the cause of facilitating and promoting Islamic practices. As we have all collectively helped over the last several years, let us each consider what we are able to contribute to the Masjid’s routine expenses such as salaries, insurance, security, utilities, and loan obligations.  This year the night of Power, the leilatul Qadr, will be observed at the ICSB and Virtually starting at 9 PM on Saturday, May 8, 2021. 

You are asked to make a pledge and contribute your support for Majid Alnoor's needs for the coming year.  InshaAllah, you can do that.

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